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Announcements for this week

  • Thank you to everyone that participated in youth-related service projects this past weekend. Caroline, Britton, Sam, and Pete helped at Food for the Soul, and Jacob, Lauren, and Nathalie participated in the Youth Advisory Council for Revolution 2023!
  • Sunday School on November 27th - Join us at 10 am as we continue our new Talk Sheets: Psalms and Proverbs series.
  • Youth Sunday on November 27th - Thanks to our volunteers for helping with the service. 
Usher/Greeter - Abby, Lauren, Caroline, Jason

Announcements - Sam

Prayer of Illumination - Heidi

Call to Worship - Jake

Children's Moment - Peter

  • No MYF on November 27th - Thanksgiving Weekend
  • We would like to determine interest in hosting a special MYF on Sunday, December 11th at 5:30 pm, where we will have a Secret Santa exchange ($10 or less gift), and everyone bring their favorite finger food or sweet to share with the group. Please email me if you are interested. Friends would be welcome!

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November 27th 

Abby Deas

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